If you haven’t already received a letter and tickets for the 2024 Youth Ministry Sweepstakes, you will shortly. It is a way that we are supporting our young people. Many lament that young people, from our children to grandchildren are not that involved in the practice of the faith. This sweepstakes is a way that we open up opportunities for them to grow in the faith and build that community of support that encourages them to come to know Jesus more deeply. We are working with neighboring parishes to broaden the scope of connection for our young people. In the past we have been able to offer Steubenville Conferences, Mission trips, a pilgrimage to Champion and recently the Answer rally that was part of the National Eucharisitc Revival. So I encourage your support of this event and prayers for our young people as the world pulls them in so many different ways that do not always bring them closer to Jesus.

I write to the parishes of St. Adalbert and St. Mary. Congratulations on your new pastor, Fr. Francis Dias. I was happy to serve you as administrator and do a number of things behind the scenes that allowed you to be prepared to welcome Fr. Francis. This time of year with ordinations and jubilees, it is a great reminder to pray for vocations for priests and for families from where priests come that are rooted in the sacrament of marriage. Yet there is no family life that is perfect, so be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit when praying for vocations since God calls whom He wills.

What a great number of days this last week with other priests and Bishop Battersby. Driving down to La Crosse is when it hit me that this year I am the Jubilian. It was a blessing for me to lead evening prayer for all of my brother priests. At the ordination Mass and Bishop’s talk it was wonderful to hear him speak straight from the heart. Sunday was the “first” Mass of thanksgiving that Fr. David Nowicki offered in his home parish. It was uplifting to see all the support and encouragement as he begins his ministry.

Happy 4th of July! Keep our nation in your daily prayers. The Immaculate Conception (our patroness), pray for us.