I hope your 4th of July is a good one. Such a day recalls for us our civic membership as a nation. It is also a good day to pray for our country and all who serve us in public office. It is easy to see where our nation falls short and could do better, that is where each of us can step forward and be part of the solution as best we can in our particular situation. Of course, always ask God’s blessings.

Congratulations to Sister Maria Josefina of the Eternal Father and Sister Anna Maria of the Holy Angels on their perpetual profession of vows. They are members of the Seraphic Adorers of the Child Jesus. Perhaps you have seen them in their habits joining us at times for Mass, especially during the week. Let us keep all those who are consecrated to Jesus in our prayers and have those intentions for young people who are discerning consecrated life.

Next week (July 13-14) will be the annual Mission Cooperation. This year our missionary will be coming all the way from…….Bevent. I encourage you to warmly welcome Fr. Gus Bentil that weekend. He will be reaching out on behalf of the diocese of Sekondi-Takoradi in Ghana and asking your generosity to assist the needs of the church back in his homeland. Such a weekend expands our sense of the larger, global church that we are a part of. The Mission Cooperation also allows a pastor to be gone during that time, so I am taking this opportunity to be with family for a couple of days. For any sacramental emergency needs it is best to contact Fr. Todd.

You will notice in the bulletin wedding banns in the coming months. They are placed three weeks in advance and each week leading up to the wedding. They are reminders to pray for the couple as they are about to enter the sacrament of Holy Marriage. Over the centuries the banns have had a number of meanings and purposes depending on the concrete circumstances and needs of the day. At present the need is for grace and support, so prayers are most welcome on their behalf.