Overflowing with Thankfulness . . .


A very big THANK YOU to all Chairs, Volunteers, and Attendees of the 2019 St. Peter Picnic!

Let Us Appreciate the Dedication of This 2019 Parish Picnic Team


Main Raffle – Jim and Yvonne Gies

Carnival Games – Nancy and Paul Koch

Cherry Bowl – Cindy and Deacon Ray Heitzinger

Cherry Bowl Organization – Sandy Glodoski and Mateo Koch

Spaghetti Dinner – Nancy Koch

Monte Carlo Games – Matt Bablitch and Julie Glodowski

Silent Auction – Sandy Kuklinski

Chicken Dinner – Kitchen – Mike Konkol

Dining Room – Nicole Van Tiem

Organization – Mary Skrzeczkoski

Carry Outs – Carol and Joe Smiley

Pies – Mike and Pam Spaid

Bingo – Judy McLaughlin

Cake Walk – Jenny Mengel

Basket/”Mini” Raffles – Lee Petersen and Sue Tuskowski

All Things Garden and Plant Sale – Shelly Korger

Bakery – Family Life

Food and Snack Stands – Dawn and Gerry Weber

Facebook – Paul Koch

Website – Calvin Friedenfels

Bulletin – Judy McLaughlin

Administration – Tracy Spoerl

Beverage Center – Fred Vieth

Advertising – Marianne and Nancy Koch

Money Counting – Kris Firminhac, Jakusz/Rolnicki Family, Sue Pagel

Half Barrel, Chicken and Pop Clubs – Fred Vieth

Bean Bags – Quest Meyer

Electrical and Grounds Set Up – Ron Nitka and Randy Kuklinski

Thank You to all the generous, kind bakers for the donated pies for the chicken dinner!

There were so many types of beautiful, delicious pies. The parish is truly blessed with your heartwarming talent and generosity. Thank you for being a part in helping the chicken dinner be a success. The dessert you donated is the best way to end the meal with a smile and contentment.

You are Appreciated!

Thank You!!!

Debbie Nachman

All Things Garden & Picnic Plant Sale

Our “All Things Garden & Picnic Plant Sale” was a success thanks to all who donated plants, pots, compost, books, garden tools and decorations.

Thanks also to all who worked the plant sale. It was great to meet some new people we hadn’t met before!

Lastly, thank you to all who purchased items. We even had repeat customers!

Kevin & Shelly Korger


To My Invaluable Crew who Brought BINGO Back!

We made a lot of people happy over our 2-day run of BINGO. You guys worked tirelessly and no one appreciates you more than me!

Thanks also to the heart & soul of BINGO – the many, many players who supported our endeavor and supported St. Peter Parish through BINGO. It was Awesome to see many of you on both days!

Thank God for Angels, TJ & Laura

Judy McLaughlin

Magnifico Spaghetti Dinner

A very heartfelt thank you to all of the helpers who pitched in at the Magnifico Spaghetti Dinner. We greatly appreciate the wait staff, kitchen help, dish-washers, servers, dining hall help and our joyful musician too! Everybody worked well together so that all could enjoy.

Grazie Mille to those who donated the wine, breadsticks and fabulous desserts!

Your generosity is a blessing for our Parish!

Nancy Koch

Mini/Basket Raffle

I would like to thank everyone who donated a basket, gift cards, monetary donation, or items to make the Mini/Basket Raffle a HUGE success.

Also would like to thank all who helped set up and worked both days.

Thank you

Lee Petersen

Silent Auction


I wish to thank the Volunteers and Everyone who helped in one way or another in making the Silent Auction a Success!!

And to Dawn Weber, I could not have done this without You!

Sandy Kuklinski

Chicken Dinner

Prep for cleaning chicken, potato peeling, cooking, dishes, kitchen clean up after dinner, …

A Chicken Dinner “Thank You” to the line-servers and the dining room crew with Nicole Van Tiem, as well!

Kitchen: Dale & Mary Skrzeczkoski, Ron & Eileen Glodowski, Marlene Dombrowski

Take Outs: Joe & Carol Smiley

Dishes: Donna Kaminski, Barbara Guinn, Dale Skrzeczkoski, Randy Kuklinski

Chicken Prep: Marlene Dombrowski, Theresa Meshak, Earl & Leona Drefcins

Potatoes: Ron Nitka, Arnie Filtz, Darlene Przekurat, Fran Kaminski, Marlene Dombrowski, Loretta Nowak, Charlotte Danielski

Kitchen: Dale & Mary Skrzeczkoski, Ron & Eileen Glodowski, Marlene Dombrowski

Kitchen: Dale & Mary Skrzeczkoski, Ron & Eileen Glodowski, Marlene Dombrowski

Let’s not forget … Debbie Nachman, and Mike and Pam Spaid for handling the pies!

Mike Konkol

Cherry Bowl

Thank You to everyone who helped make the Cherry Bowl successful.

Special Thanks to — Sandy Glodoski, who spent many hours wrapping cherries & arranging prizes, and to Mateo Koch, who led the volunteers.

Deacon Ray & Cindy Heitzinger

A big THANK YOU to the people and businesses who paid for the ticket printing and for other costs of the picnic. Also, Thank You to the volunteers who worked the shifts for the Main Raffle.
Thank you to All who purchased tickets. And —
CONGRATULATIONS to the Nine Winners of our Main Raffle:

1st Prize – $1,000: Diann Pergande

2nd Prize – $ 500: Marge Gaetz

3rd Prize – $ 250: Emily Skowronski

4th Prize – $ 250: Charlotte Danielski

5th Prize – $ 100: Ms. Rosemarie Gustafson

6th Prize – $ 100: Beverly Niescior

7th Prize – $ 100: Joe Glodowski

8th Prize – $ 100: Virginia & James Golla

9th Prize – $ 100: Marge Kinney

Jim & Yvonne Gies, Main Raffle Chairs