Often, when we hear people talk about faith, they talk about a journey. Our “faith journey” is not a one day trip or even a year-long trip, but, rather, a lifelong path that we walk with God. We are on the path that deepens our relationship with Jesus Christ and God, the Father, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This faith journey happens on many levels: personal/individual, as a family, and as a Church. Each level influences the other levels. For example, our personal desire for holiness automatically adds to the Church and makes the world around us a better place.

Your entire family is invited to consider where you are in this faith journey and to map out a plan of where you are going. We have four areas outlined for you, the confirmation candidate and family, to consider, as you look ahead to this sacrament.  You are asked to reflect and answer each question, consider three ways you plan to grow in each area throughout the year, that will be discussed at an interview.

The first and second questions deal with sacramental and prayer life. We are called, through the graces of our Baptism, to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. As we know with any relationship, communication is key and prayer is our way of communicating with God. Question three incorporates faith formation—not only for candidates but for the entire family. Formation doesn’t mean “going to class,” but includes reading spiritual books, attending conferences or Bible study groups, participating in parish activities and missions, listening to Christian music (YES! There is Christian rock, rap, AND heavy metal!) or Relevant Radio, as well as watching movies with faith messages! There are so many resources available to help us develop our understanding of faith and to guide us on this lifelong journey!

Linked are forms and documents that are needed for your official journey at St. Peter’s.