The Gospel passage today is a very interesting story of a man blind from birth who is healed by Jesus, then receives all sorts of questioning from the Pharisees. I find this passage sad, in the fact that these learned men who should understand something truly amazing and miraculous occurred are more worried about who did this healing on the Sabbath, rather than allowing their eyes and minds to be opened to the presence of God.

Now we often look at those Pharisees in a bad light as they seem to be clinging to their authority and worrying about this new preacher (Jesus) rather than being open to God’s plan. There had been the anticipation of a messiah for a long time, yet when Jesus began His ministry there were all sorts of mistrust from the religious rulers of His day. I believe if we put ourselves in the shoes of the Pharisees we can understand some of their anxiety. These men had learned the Jewish scriptures and laws and worked hard to live what they had been taught. However, Jesus’ teaching often seems to be counter to what had been the religious standards since the law was given to Moses. So it must have been tough for these holy men to acknowledge that God was in their midst and was trying to shake things up; to bring everyone to a better understanding of the Father and how He desires us to live.

And so, we see in this passage the rigidity of the Pharisees and the length they were willing to go to keep and uphold the law. God bless them for that, but they sure made Jesus’ ministry difficult! So much so that it led to His crucifixion. But Jesus touched many people and showed God’s love to everyone, even those who killed Him. He really practiced what He preached when He said “love your enemies!”

So, do you want to become His disciple too? I pray that you are well on your way to discipleship, working hard to love your enemies, opening your mind to how much the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit love you, and asking Him to open your eyes. If you learn only one thing this Lent, I hope it is that. And may God bless you!

Deacon Ray

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