I would like to share with you about our concerted effort to meet the immediate and the future needs of our Parish, by way of Inspired by the Spirit Capital Campaign. The main focus of this campaign is to strengthen our Parish, so as to provide a bright future for the future generations to come.

As a process of this campaign, each family is kindly invited to prayerfully consider pledging an amount, which could be paid in installments either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually during a period of five years. If a family would pledge a minimum of $3000.00 (Three thousand dollars), your monthly sacrifice towards this campaign will be only $45.00. Please consider prayerfully to pledge this minimum amount, as your personal sacrifice for the benefit of and for the maintenance of our beautiful and historic Parish Church.

In order to help you pledge, we provide you with a pledge card and an envelope. You are kindly expected to indicate your pledge-amount and to mark in how many installments, you will be able to complete paying the pledge-amount. If you have already attended any one of the small-group-meetings, you would have already received the pledge card with the envelope. If not, we will try to reach out to you personally or else you may kindly expect this reaching your home in a regular mail.

This weekend, as you leave the Church after the Mass, kindly get a brochure, with the bulletin. The brochure explains to you, how would the entire pledge-amount will be utilized for the various immediate and long-term needs of our Parish. Every sacrifice you make towards this campaign, will be much appreciated and thankfully accepted.

God bless you,

Fr. Arul Joseph V.