I attend the That Man Is You men’s group on Tuesday mornings. Recently, after the gun deer hunting season there were many deer hunting stories being told. One of the men at my table commented; “that is really what hunting is all about- the stories and memories that are recounted every year.” He stated that he used to belong to a group of hunters and commented that if he had recorded the stories told he was sure he could just use the tape the next year as those same stories were often shared year after year. It is with great fondness I recall the hunting stories of my past, especially the people I hunted with.

We, as Christians are like that too. We share the stories of how Jesus’ birth came about and recall the amazing humility of our Savior who chose to become one of His own creations in the form of a man. We recall these wonderful stories year after year, never getting tired of hearing them because they mean so much to us. We also recall the Christmases of the past, the time spent with parents and family, some who may have passed on to eternal life. We love these special memories because they have helped to make us the people that we are. We have been shaped by those special people in our lives and we lovingly recall how they touched our lives.

Memories can lift our spirits and our hearts. At the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we hear the priest proclaim the words; “Do this in memory of me.” These words are said at the consecration of the Eucharist, where Jesus becomes truly present to us and beckons us to remember His ultimate sacrifice which uplifts our spirit and our hearts. This memory is of the utmost importance to all who follow Jesus!

So my friends, as we approach Christmas take some time to remember the people who have shaped us and who are no longer here with us. But we should especially take time to remember Jesus, the humble Son of God, who is the reason for our celebration and His call to “Do this in memory of me.” A very blessed Advent and Christmas to all of you!

Deacon Ray

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