In today’s readings we hear just how important prayer is. In the first reading from Exodus, we hear of the battle between Amalek and Israel. The Israelites were on their journey toward the Promised Land, but war was being waged against them by Amalek and his army. We hear that Moses instructed Joshua to select good men to fight against the opponents and that he would stand on the top of the hill with the staff of God in his hand. While Moses doesn’t specifically state he would be praying, it certainly appears he would be doing just that. He takes the posture of prayer that we see within the Mass, orans, or hands held up in supposition to God. When Moses had his hands in this position the Israelites were winning the battle, but when his arms grew tired and he rested, the opposing force gained ground. Aaron and Hur supported Moses hands which won the day. Perhaps this assistance by Aaron and Hur indicates to us how important we can be to others supporting them in their prayer.

In the Gospel we hear of the dishonest judge, the parable Jesus uses to teach his disciples how important it is to pray without becoming weary. Jesus states that God will not be slow to answer our prayers. Now sometimes we may not feel God has listened to our prayer as nothing has changed. However, we may need to change. Our prayers are always heard, but they may be answered in a way we don’t understand. We’ve all faced a situation where it doesn’t seem our prayers were answered. Perhaps we won’t understand how our prayers were answered until we are in Heaven. So don’t cease praying, rather pray that God helps you understand His Will. And may God bless you!

Deacon Ray

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