We all need some down time, a little quiet time or a little space in our lives perhaps to recharge and root ourselves in who we are and not all the stuff we are doing. Nonetheless isolating ourselves, separating ourselves out is not the mode in which we are called to live. We desire connection in our lives. To come to truly know others and for them to truly know us. That takes time and effort. That is true in spiritual life too.

We proclaim the Creed every Sunday at Mass. One of the phrases is believing in the communion of saints. That they are a part of our lives. And that we are connected to them. I have been reflecting on that as I settle in here at St. Peter and St. Casimir parishes. I have had the privilege of offering Mass over at NorthCrest nursing home. More new faces and names. But also a point of connection to the faithful that we do not see here at Mass and yet are very much a part of our family of faith.

Beginning recently are our CCD and Confirmation programs. That also is a chance for me to get to know and connect with our young people. Often we say that our children are the future of the Church. But they are a part of the Church here and now. Here and now our children are a part of our prayer, the Mass. That they too are called to pray with and for others. There is also that aspect of service out of love of neighbor that they are called to also. It may be something that they can do at home for family or friends at school that will build up the Kingdom.

Staying connected to the saints and to one another is an aspect of strengthening the Body of Christ here on earth. All Saints Day reminds us of those who have gone before us and now see the face of God after their journey has ended here on earth. The vigil for All Saints Day will be at St. Casimir parish at 5:15 pm on October 31. The feast day Mass will be at St. Peter parish on November 1st at 8 am and 5:30 pm.

The following day, All Souls Day, will have the usual 8 am Mass. Then at 10:30 am will be a Mass recalling all those who have died from the parish this past year. Family Life will be having a gathering after that for those families. It is a time to recall our connection with those who have gone before us and are not forgotten. November is the month, in a special way, to recall the holy souls and pray for them and their time of purification so as to enter the heavenly Kingdom. So even those we do not see can be helped by our prayers and sacrifices offered on their behalf. All the above reminds us that we are a part of something bigger and eternal. We are not called to enter deeply into ourselves and stay there focused on self but instead are called out of ourselves so as to build up the Kingdom of God that connects us all through Jesus who has won for us salvation and opened the gates of heaven so that we may be together, be in communion, connected forever.