Congratulations to all who are receiving Jesus for the first time. What a time of grace. In our area, whether this weekend or weekends about this time of year our second graders have been preparing for this sacrament. It should be our privilege to be an example of how to receive Jesus in a reverent manner. Kids are watching us all the time and that includes at Mass too. So this is a great time for all of us to reflect on how we receive Jesus and back at our pew, how we give thanks for Jesus coming right into our hearts. The saints have written so much about Holy Communion and taking time for a thanksgiving prayer after receiving Jesus. No matter our age, may we never take for granted the reality of Jesus, (Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity) the Bread come down from heaven, who wishes to nourish our life of faith.

 Coming up is a Deanery Youth Ministry meeting. This will be a time to reflect on the rally that was recently held at St. Bronislava parish. Aly Aleigha was the speaker, musician, and inspiration for the evening. She shared a number of stories of God touching her heart and life. In the end, none of us are ever at a point that God does not speak to us or can not change our lives. This message should resonate with all of us.  Such a meeting also reminds us of what so many are trying to do to encourage our young people in a world that gives them constant messaging, mostly against or conflicting with, our faith in Jesus.   Gone are the days of simply turning off or restricting the TV.  Remember‚Ķtechnology shares everything good, bad and in between.  Because it is our duty to safeguard our children, we must model what it means to have a discerning eye or ear.   

We are entering the month of May. Traditionally the devotional focus is on Mary. She too, in so many ways, speaks to our hearts with her tender motherly heart so as to bring us to Jesus. Often there is a May crowning at church. Why not bring that idea home and crown your own statue of Mary in your prayer corner at home?   If Spring is truly around the corner, perhaps planting a Mary garden is something you can do. The most popular and well- known devotion to Mary is the Rosary. All the modern popes have encouraged the Rosary and the saints witness to its power,  I pray May can be a month of grace for you.