The La Crosse Diocese celebrates Catechetical Sunday this weekend as a time to remember the importance of good catechesis of our youth. Each of us has been formed, first by our parents and most likely then by teachers of religion. The importance of knowing our faith has never been so important as today when we are bombarded by societal pressures to conform to a non-Christian lifestyle. We all know it is hard to live the Catholic faith in a world so obsessed with individualism, consumerism, and an anti-religious mindset. That is why it is so important to learn the faith ourselves and teach the faith to our children.

We have been blessed to have teachers that have helped to form us in the faith. I remember going through religious education as a youth and being bored in class, yet much of what was taught still impacts me today and has remained in my memory. I still remember a huge Bible timeline my aunt, who was my sixth grade teacher, had constructed. I think that timeline helped me make sense of how we Catholics look at time, counting backwards to the birth of Christ, then going forward. It also helped instill in me the importance of the Bible to our faith. I’ll bet each of us can remember a teacher who helped us understand our faith.

Here at St. Casimir’s and St. Peter’s we are blessed to have dedicated religious education teachers who willingly give of their time to educate other’s children in the most important subject. Thank you to every teacher who helps us learn about God and His Church. Give our teachers; Janine Worzella, Diane Sommers, Pam Spaid, Cheryl Kehl, and Stefani Folck a gracious thank you when you see them! And thank you to all past teachers. May God bless them and reward them for their efforts.

In faith,

Deacon Ray

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