Happy Easter!! Divine Mercy Sunday concludes the Easter octave. Each day in the octave is Easter and a solemnity. Liturgically the Church is trying to teach and reveal the significance of the Resurrection. Perhaps we can say that we get that. Still, the resurrection touches all parts of us, mind, body and soul; this feast needs time and space to do the same.

Our Lord Jesus spoke to St. Faustina about the need for mercy. This was back in the 1930’s. Unfortunately that need remains. We see that all over social media where people are canceled without even talking with each other. Of course that can happen at work, school and even in our families that we break off our relationships without even giving the other person a chance. The impact of holding back mercy/forgiveness is felt in our hearts, minds and bodies. Grudges drain us, anger sends our energy all over the place and memories keep us from experiencing peace. Divine Mercy Sunday is a great day to rid ourselves of all these things. We hear it so often, be not afraid. That is true with confession too and forgiving those we are holding onto for whatever reason. I will be a part of the Divine Mercy celebrations at Sacred Heart, please see the posters for details.

Another great feast we will be celebrating is the Annunciation on Monday April 8th. (Moved because of Holy Week.) Mass will be held at both St. Peter and St. Casimir parishes. This feast reminds us in the Easter season that it was the visit of the Archangel that started God’s plan of becoming one of us in time. The Incarnation is key to our faith; Jesus both God and man. Such feast days take us more deeply into the mysteries of our salvation.

As announced last week, I have been named Administrator of St. Adalbert and St. Mary parishes. The weekend Masses will be covered by other priests. The other details and business side of things are all being worked out. As they wait for a pastor in July, please keep them in your prayers.