Mary, the mother of Jesus gives this instruction to the servers at the Wedding at Cana in today’s Gospel passage. This is one of the few times Mary is quoted in Sacred Scripture and it can be taken as the foundation for anyone who wishes to follow Christ.

Mary seems to take a leap of faith that Jesus will do something extraordinary about the lack of wine at the wedding they are attending. She believes in her heart that Jesus can assist the newly wed couple so they are not embarrassed by running out of wine at their celebration. It may seem like a minor thing to us but in the time of Jesus weddings sometimes lasted several days and to have planned so poorly as to run out of wine early in the celebration would have been seen as a huge mistake.

Jesus, after initially questioning His mother’s purpose, tells the servants to fill the water jars. In this He is showing us that He wants our assistance to bring about the Kingdom of God. He, being God, could have accomplished this miracle without any human assistance but purposely instructs the servers.

At this point we must ask ourselves; “how has Jesus asked me to assist?” I believe for most of us we are asked to assist Jesus in bringing our loved ones to accept the gift of faith God offers us. This is the role most of us have when bringing up children or sharing our faith with others who seek belief. This is not always an easy task because we too often find our children and friends reluctant to believe or turning away from the faith. We know how heartbreaking it is to see others we care about reject the greatest gift of all. We are rightfully upset because they too often cannot find true joy or true peace in their lives without faith. However, if we have done our best to “do whatever he tells you” then we must hand it over to God. Conversion is possible, so plant the seed and let God water it. And may God bless you.

Deacon Ray

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