This past Friday (The Answer Eucharistic rally) was a great moment of grace. So many people had gathered and the whole focus was on Jesus. Everyone made the time in their schedules for this invigorating event. We all need to take that time and make that effort to put Jesus in the forefront of our days. It is oftentimes ‚Äúsecond nature‚ÄĚ to fill up our summer weeks and weekends with busy-ness and commitments. Instead, or additionally, commit to pausing to focus on Jesus. These intentional moments are crucial to our spiritual health. This rally in La Crosse was a part of the National Eucharistic Revival. The Congress will be held in Indianapolis. Our entire nation definitely needs to turn to Jesus in all things, and so this is a great opportunity that the Bishops have given us. I encourage you to keep that focus on Jesus as an ongoing personal routine through time in adoration with Our Lord here on Wednesdays and First Fridays at St. Peter parish. Another beautiful way to spend time with Jesus is to arrive early for Mass or stay a little later and give that time to Jesus there in the tabernacle. He is waiting and always eager to spend time with you.

This weekend is my first Picnic here at St. Peter. I write this before all the action happens. Yet I have already seen all the work that so many have done behind the scenes to prepare for this great event for our parish. I can’t thank enough all those who have given their time and efforts enough to launch this into a success. These moments and these efforts build up our parish; allowing us time to connect as we gather to spend time together or work together as volunteers for the benefit of the parish.

Right after the picnic I will be heading out for two days assisting with a retreat for the Institute of St. Joseph. Summer is often associated with more of a leisurely approach, yet I see there are many things that will be happening this summer. Keep an eye out for the details.

June is the month of the Sacred Heart. Again, we are reminded of the love that God has for us. There are many messages that the world offers us that put us down, negate, or somehow attempt to diminish our value. However, as people of faith, we instead need to see others as children of God. Individually, we must grasp and be attuned to our own dignity as a child of God. Do we let go of or hold onto the negative voices that are around us? We need to hear the message of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the love of God for us. Our souls crave this love.

As Jesus’ heart was opened on the Cross with a lance, God knows our heartaches, our struggles and suffering, and moments where we face our death. We cannot let challenges obscure the face of the living and loving God. This June, find some time to enter the Sacred Heart and rest in the love of our Heavenly Father.