The last line from today’s Gospel passage is; “For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” This powerful statement is one that we should try to imitate. It seems many in our society want to be served but they do not want to serve others.

There are some who volunteer and take the effort to help the Church and other organizations in our world. We certainly appreciate all they do to make our Church and society a better place. Without these wonderful people we wouldn’t have such a great place to live and wouldn’t be able to offer the service we do here in our Church. Many of those who volunteer are called upon to help with every Church fundraiser and event. It seems like the same people are always the ones who do the work and carry the load. Again, we thank them for their dedicated service.

But think what more we could accomplish if others joined in with this work. Everyone has something to offer, special talents and gifts that could be used to lighten the load for the group called upon to volunteer at every event. It is not only fundraising events that need people, but our liturgies and educational functions. We could use more ushers, altar servers, extraordinary ministers of Communion and lectors. There is a great sense of belonging when you volunteer and pride in knowing you were part of a successful endeavor. Now I realize that many of our parishioners are elderly and have already worked hard for the Church for many years; they have given of themselves when they were able. And for many of these older folks they are no longer able to assist as they used to. It’s time for the next generation to hear the words of Jesus and offer to serve!

Rather than make excuses, accept the offer to help and volunteer some of your time to help at the next parish event. Look at the folks who have done so much to build up our parishes in the past and try to imitate their spirit of giving. Don’t be afraid to say yes when asked to help out. This is what Jesus asks of us.

Deacon Ray

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