We hear these words at the end of our first reading from Micah. Many years ago I was working a job that seemed to take over my life. I allowed the job to overwhelm me and seemed to lose focus on what is truly most important in life; a strong relationship with God. I won’t go into details but it wasn’t a good situation for me and my wife, Cindy, helped me see the situation clearly. Cindy was aware that I was struggling with my job and that it had affected other areas of my life. I had lost my peace. So one day she surprised me with a gift. It was a rather expensive and beautiful cross and chain. She explained that she knew I had a strong faith and belief in God, but that I had become consumed with the job and that I needed to re-focus on the importance of God in my life.

Looking back on this, I realize what a blessing Cindy has been in my life. She, like most women, has the ability to know what is ailing you and how to cure it. She helped me out of a tough time. I believe what I went through made me stronger and I value my faith even more because of this experience. I certainly appreciate and value what Cindy has brought to my life and to our marriage. Because of this experience, I was able to find peace in a difficult situation.

Advent can and should be a time for each of us to look deeply within and examine our lives and our relationship with God. What is causing me to lose my peace? What area of my life is out of balance? Is my relationship with God the foundation of my life or have I been building on another foundation; one of inferior quality, one that will not stand the test of time? Am I at peace with my life?

The peace God offers us is not just a lack of violence or trouble in our lives. Rather it is the knowledge and understanding that God is always there for us, supporting, leading, urging us on to the goal of Heaven. God knows we will have troubles and strife in our lives. Perhaps He allows it knowing these trials make us stronger- if we put our trust in Him.

In these final days of Advent take stock of your relationship with God. Ask yourself some tough questions and be prepared for answers that you may not like. Seek the peace that only God can give. And know that “he shall be peace.”

Deacon Ray

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