Happy greetings to all who join us for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. What a wonderful time. It is a time of true joy that the angels remind us of. Greetings have been a project of mine at St. Peter parish. Since the summer I have been calling every household/family in the parish. It has been a joy to talk to many of you. If you don’t remember a call, perhaps the office doesn’t have your new number or, surprisingly to me, there are many who do not have voicemail (or it was full). I look forward to reaching out again later in the new year. St. Casimir has been able to host a few “Donut Sundays” this past fall that were again a great time to meet and greet many of you and have some time to visit. Connecting is so important. It allows relationships to grow and deepen. I am hoping that continues in the parish and that sense of being part of the Body of Christ, children and family of our heavenly Father matures daily for all of us. May God’s blessings rest upon you throughout the Christmas season that lasts until the feast of Epiphany.