Looking back, what great feasts for us to celebrate. All Saints Day means all the saints! There are many we don’t know. When a soul reaches Heaven, they are a saint. We so often only think of the canonized saints who have been named by the Church. There are thousands of Blesseds that are one miracle away from being proclaimed by the Church. Nonetheless how many will never be named and yet behold the face of God. That is to be the goal we are all working on so the saints are great role models and intercessors that assist us. May we always turn to them. That is an aspect of why we encourage our Confirmation candidates to pick saints names, especially those who can be a patron for them and who they will readily turn to for guidance.

            Following that is All Soul’s Day. They are on the journey from this world into eternity. For most we presume the good and hope and pray they are in purgatory preparing for heaven. It is a good day for us to pray for our beloved dead. It can also be a reminder to recall those who have lost loved ones and are grieving. We all grieve differently and there is not a timetable that people follow in grieving. Praying for the dead is a Spiritual Work of Mercy and an act of charity.

            Please note the insert for arranging Masses for loved ones. Having a Mass said is a wonderful way to offer our greatest of prayers for them. Intentions can be for the dead or the living. Wherever a Mass is said, the graces are applied to that person or persons for whom the Mass was offered. Working with the Mission Office allows us to send Masses to our retired priests of the diocese or priests in the mission fields around the world that will allow Masses to be said fairly quickly for your intention.

            Please pray for our Confirmands of the parish who will be confirmed this Sunday. We have four young people who have prepared for this sacrament the last two years. The gifts of the Holy Spirit will be theirs to use for the building up of the kingdom. Perhaps reflect on how you are using those gifts granted to you on the day of your Confirmation. We know the world  needs active Christians who can witness the faith and the love of God and neighbor.

            Looking ahead to November 12th at St. Casimir, there will be a pancake breakfast that I invite everyone to be a part of. What a great treat as the weather turns a little cooler. Every second Sunday the Holy Name Society at St. Peter puts on a breakfast during the academic year. So plan accordingly to enjoy good food and fellowship.