The Pastoral Constitution of the “Church in the Modern World” from the Second Vatican Council teaches in No.36: “Without the creator, the creature would disappear”. This means, if one would forget God, then the consequence would be leading to one’s own disaster. If God is ignored, then the human mind would seek what would give pleasure, power, riches. Will any of these would satiate the human mind? Is there anyone, who has been satisfied with any of these worldly elements? The answer is negative, based on historical facts. Hence St. Augustine confessed frankly after all his licentious life: “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee”.

Parents have the primary responsibility to help their children to worship God. If not, they will end up worshiping whatever would give them happiness. This is what we have learned from human history. I have seen with much appreciation some of the parents, who come to Church with their children for weekend Mass, make use of the Missalette to help the children recite the prayers, sing the songs during Mass. Such a personal touch is always helpful for the children to grow in piety.

It is well and good that some other parents take an interest to bring their children to Religious Education, but they fail to bring their children to the Church for worship at weekends. Let me state that just knowledge of faith gained through Religious Education, is not enough; it is not going to make a lasting impact on the children. Hence, in fulfilling the responsibility for transmitting the faith, the Parents have the obligation to help the children, as they grow, to participate actively in the Holy Mass, to receive the Eucharist with due preparation, and to learn how to pray. When a child is baptized, our Mother Church expects the parents to be the first models of faith to their children. Besides providing for the physical and intellectual growth of the children, it is also an important responsibility for the parents to help them discover God for themselves.

God bless you

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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