Former Pope Benedict XVI, while addressing at the convention in Rome on June, 2011 with the theme on “Transmission of faith”, told the Parents: “Children stand in need of God from an early age; they have the ability to perceive his greatness, and grasp the value of prayer and ritual, and sense the difference between good and evil. May you be good guides, accompanying them in the faith, in the knowledge of God, in the friendship with God, and in the knowledge of the difference between good and evil. Accompany them in the faith from their most tender age”.

In the busy everyday life, Parents may fail to dedicate time with their children. In striving to pass on the faith, the key thing is to be there for them, to sit with them and hear their little worries, conflicts and if a parent has made a mistake, to ask their forgiveness. It is through such little gestures, the children will experience the love of their parents for them and subsequently, they will understand easily God’s unconditional love.

Pope Benedict XVI emphasized in the convention above mentioned that parents are the messengers of the joyful proclamation of God’s love. When the parents bring their children for Baptism, they should realize that this Sacrament is the gateway of salvation and the beginning of life in Christ. The Pope stated further that the children stand in need of God from an early age and therefore, parents have their responsibility to guide them, accompany them in the faith, in the knowledge of and in the friendship with God. The Pope insisted that the parents show the path, which would lead the children as to discover the importance of God for their life. This must be implanted especially in those who prepare themselves to receive the Sacrament of confirmation, so that the gift of the Holy Spirit may strengthen the joy of being generated as children of God. He asked the parents to dedicate themselves to passing on the faith, so that those who have already ben baptized may become through the gifts of the Holy Spirit powerful witnesses of Christ.

God bless you,

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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