In an effort to passing on the faith, a family needs to consider some specific points:

Life of piety within the family comes first. Children always look up to the parents as their models. Hence, praying grace at meals, teaching the children to recite the Rosary and thus develop devotion to Our Blessed Mother, reciting morning & evening prayers, receiving Sacraments with due faith and cultivating a habit of prayer are some of the ways, through which the parents can manifest their faith to their children.

Piety, if not well-grounded in doctrine, would turn to be superstitious and routine. Hence, it is important to provide the children with an opportunity for learning Catechism, whether in the Parish or in the Catholic School. This will help the children understand the significance of what they believe and to personalize them through pious practices. Recommending good books to older children may also help them to be grounded well in faith. This depends on the respect and love that the parents have in their hearts towards the Church and its teachings.

Another important aspect is to help that some virtues take root in their children. Parents could help the children to practice virtues by stressing the importance of self-discipline, hard-work, generosity and temperance at home. In the present consumeristic society, it is easy for the children to become insatiably thirsty for and become a prey to various gadgets, toys and other things that may lead them to a self-centered life-style. As long as their whims are satisfied, the virtues like self-sacrifice and commitment may be far from their thoughts. Hence it is better for the parents to say no to some of the unnecessary desires of their children.

Finally, the living example and personal witness of the parents to faith is the best way of passing on the faith. Parents, who give due importance to a life of faith by way of attending Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation, will help the children grow in love for Jesus and towards others. Responsible parenthood involves such Christian duties, in order to help their children, grow better persons in character and better Catholics in faith.

God bless you

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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