In the Gospel today, Jesus provides us with a parable which should help us prepare for our judgment when we die. No one likes to think about death, especially our own, but we must face the fact that we will die one day and have to give an account of our lives to God.

Each of us has been given certain gifts and skills to use to help build up God’s Kingdom. He has entrusted us to use our skills to the best of our ability, not simply sitting on our hands and letting others do all the work. When we fail to use our talents for God’s purpose we are like the lazy servant who buried the talent out of fear. What that lazy servant lacked was love-love for his master. We don’t want to be like that when it comes to God. We should love God because He is the source of all good and He generously provides for our needs. We show our love to God by submitting our will to Him and using our skills and talents to assist in building His Church.

Some people live a life of fear; afraid they won’t do the right thing with their skills, so they don’t use them, like the servant in the parable of today’s Gospel. Fear is another thing we should avoid. Fear is the Devil’s tool and can hamper us in our efforts to live in union with God. We fear many things, death being one of them, yet if we are living a holy life, partaking in the sacraments of the Church and an active prayer life we have nothing to fear. We fear the unknown, so naturally fear death, yet Jesus assures us He
will be with us and has prepared a room for us in His Father’s House. That thought should give us great peace and a longing to dwell with Jesus forever.

Examine how you are using God’s gifts; the skills and talents He has given to you. Prepare for your day of judgment by regular Confession and Eucharist. This helps us to be ready to meet the Lord! We all long to hear Jesus say to us; “Come, share your master’s joy” as He welcomes us into Heaven. So prepare now for the time of judgment.

Deacon Ray

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