In the Gospel today we hear the Apostles returned from their missionary journey Jesus had sent them on. They were tired but excited and shared their stories with Jesus and the other Apostles. These are the first missionaries of Jesus, and like them we each have a story to tell of our missionary work.

Each one of us, Baptized into service, have been given a missionary role in the Church. Our role is to catechize; ourselves, family, friends and acquaintances. Most of us have been given instruction in the faith as a youth but we can’t leave our faith in the realm of a child’s understanding. We are asked to continue learning about the blessing of our faith, just as we need to continually learn in our jobs and schooling. 

Many of us have raised children and have instilled the Catholic faith in them. This is something to be proud of and we can imagine being one of the Apostles and returning with stories to share with Jesus, but these are our stories of bringing people to Jesus! There is no other action as important as introducing someone to Jesus! 

Those of us not blessed with children also have stories to share; tales of how they have influenced others by the Catholic lifestyle we have lived. This involves speaking in a manner fitting for a follower of Jesus, treating others with care, showing them the love of Christ by our actions, and being a role model for others to follow. I don’t think we realize the impact we have on others when we live as Jesus taught. 

Think about your life and ask yourself; how have I shared the story of Jesus, who have I taught about our Savior? If you’ve been the shy type and haven’t yet built up your missionary skills read about the saints and try to imitate their lives. They are solid role models for us. 

Imagine yourself in the Gospel scene, returning from your journey with excitement, ready to tell Jesus all about your work!

Deacon Ray

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