The readings from Isaiah and the Gospel passage today give us an idea of what Heaven will be like. Isaiah uses the idea of a fine meal, choice wines and rich food, to begin describing what it will be like in Heaven. This appeals to our human hunger for taking care of our daily needs, but the author moves on to what is most important; removing the veil that prevents us from seeing God. We know that no one can look upon God and live here on earth, but in Heaven we will be able to see and know God in a perfect manner. There will be no more tears, everything will be perfect. This may be difficult for us to imagine as we look at the world and struggle to make sense of things at times. But Heaven will be a whole different realm, the realm of the supernatural!

The Gospel passage brings us the parable of the king who is putting on a wedding banquet for his son. The original invited guests declined the invitation. The king sent his servants to invite them once again, but they rudely turned away, some even going so far as to kill the servants the king sent. This is meant to portray the people of Israel who refused to accept God’s message, sent through the prophets and eventually Jesus. The servants, (the prophets) were often treated poorly or even killed. And we know how Our Lord was treated by the leaders of the Jewish religion. So the king opens the invitation to anyone the servants can find, and yet one person enters the feast without the proper “wedding garment.” This may be understood to be baptism, where we put on a white garment to show that we have been cleansed and claimed by Christ. It could also be seen as the lack of repentance or change of heart and mind needed to enter into God’s realm.

Let’s reflect on the Kingdom of Heaven this week. Ask yourself if you would be welcomed into the Kingdom if you were called, and take the steps needed. If not. God is sending the invitation, don’t refuse this feast!