The month of March continues to bring so much our way. This weekend a student or representative from Global Outreach will be speaking to us at the end of the Mass. This international group arranges for High Schoolers from here and from Eastern Europe to be exchanged and gain life changing experiences. Helping our young people gain a greater perspective in this ever- changing world is a positive. Even if you are not able to directly be a part of the program, keep it in your prayers.

The Communal Penance service is March 20th at Holy Spirit at 6:30 pm. As you may remember, we hosted the one during Advent. What a nice example of cooperation between parishes and a reminder that we are all a part of the larger church. Another example of being a part of the larger church is my involvement with the Admissions Board for the Diocese of La Crosse. We have a handful of young men who are applying to the Diocese for Seminary. The Board reviews their file and background to assist the Bishop in his decision- making process and discernment.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. What a powerful time of prayer. On Tuesday is the Chrism Mass in La Crosse. There is a deanery bus if you are interested but don’t want to drive. Once the bus is full, it is full; So please get your spot reserved for this wonderful Mass now.   See the bulletin or bulletin boards throughout the church on how to do that.

The season of Lent concludes as we celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, the beginning of the Holy Triduum. These amazing three days bring us to the turning point of history and the opening of the gates of Heaven. The richness of these liturgical celebrations are offered to us once a year. I invite you all and encourage you and your family to be a part of this grace-filled time. May the remainder of Lent allow your heart to be transformed more and more into the Heart of Jesus.