Jesus tells Martha there is need for only one thing in today’s Gospel passage from Luke. We’re all familiar with this passage so when we hear this proclaimed we likely don’t pay a lot of attention. But Jesus is trying to impress upon His friend Martha, and us, what is most important.

So what is most important? What is this one thing? It is to be a true disciple! To listen to Jesus with rapt attention, taking to heart all He says. This is what Martha’s sister Mary, was doing so well. Martha was so busy trying to make her guest comfortable that she forgot about this most important aspect of discipleship.

We certainly can identify with Martha; we all want our guests to feel at home and well cared for. This is a good thing. But if we focus all our efforts on providing a good meal and a well appointed home but ignore our guest because we’re too busy serving then we miss the point. It’s easy to get caught up in our serving and forget the most important thing.

It takes balance to be a true disciple. We must balance the need to serve with the need to listen while being attentive to our guests. Jesus is the true guest of our hearts and minds. Let’s put effort into being more centered on what Jesus is saying to us. Let’s try to be more like Mary.

Deacon Ray

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