Deacon Ray

Pray for Marriage

Marriage is the focus of the readings today. Genesis tells the story of God creating a suitable partner for the man and Jesus reminds the Pharisees of the design His Father created and His original intent for marriage; the union of man and woman as one flesh. We see that Read more…

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Father's Messages

Old and New Testaments

Bible consists of 72 Books with two Parts: Old Testament and New Testament. Old Testament narrates the Salvation History before Jesus Christ and the New Testament accounts for the Salvation History during and after Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the center of the Salvation History and the Bible is centered Read more…

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Bulletin Reflection

The God of Plenty

We hear two stories today of multiplication of food. The first reading from 2 Kings describes the Prophet Elisha providing a meal for the people from a gift he had received as first fruits. No words of multiplication are given, yet the food is enough for the people in spite Read more…

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