This week, all parishioners should have received a letter, along with a brochure, inviting you to participate in the Reunite – Rebuild – Rejoice Recovery Appeal. This initiative invites each parishioner, as we return to the public celebration of the Eucharist, to reflect upon how each of us may positively impact the future mission of our parish through our personal financial commitment.


We express our gratitude to our parishioners who already responded to our call during this most unique time. Your generosity and commitment to our parish is truly appreciated.


Our Reunite – Rebuild – Rejoice Recovery Appeal will make it possible for our community to persevere through this time and, with God’s divine help, make it possible to become stronger as a community of faith.


This appeal invites us to consider TWO requests:


Recovery Appeal Gift:  Due to the suspension of Masses, many parishioners have been unable to share their gifts of treasure with our parish community. As part of this Appeal, we are inviting these families to consider a one-time recovery gift as illustrated below:



Usual Weekly Offertory Weeks without Public Mass Total Gift
$20 10 $200

Weekly Offertory Increase:  We are aware that there are some members of our parish community that, at this time, are unable to support our parish as they would wish to due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The second request in this Appeal is for those families who may be able, during this difficult time, to consider increasing their weekly contribution by 20-40% to assist the parish since some families may have to suspend or limit their weekly contributions. 


Please take the time to pray and reflect upon the letter and brochure which you received this week and consider how you may assist St. Peter Parish, if you are able.  Also, please be sure to let us know if you, your family or any members of our community are in need of our support and assistance at this time; please feel free to call (715) 344-6115.


Together, as we continue to physically Reunite as one community and Rebuild our parish, may we Rejoice in the Lord’s goodness now and always!

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