We celebrate The Most Holy Trinity today. This solemnity reminds us of the triune nature of God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are reminded of this every time we enter the church and bless ourselves with holy water. Our priest also gathers us together in the words of the second reading today from 2 Corinthians; “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.”

The beauty of the Trinity is the perfect union, communion with each of the persons. This great mystery is one of the foundations of our faith belief and what we are called to imitate. Each of us gathers together at Mass to come into union with God and each of our brothers and sisters in Christ. As indicated we gather in God’s presence recalling first this belief we share; one God, three persons. Each of us is asked to model our lives on this perfect union, not only while we are at Mass, but taking this sacred action out into the world; to our families, our schools, our workplace, in all our interactions.

This is not an easy task. We all know how hard it is to imitate perfection. We fail because we are not perfect like God, however, God desires us to keep trying, to keep perfecting our lives in an effort to be like Him. I believe God knows our hearts, He knows when we try but fail, He knows when we come to a realization of our failures and feel sorrow for them. It is at these times He sends His grace to lift us up once again, giving us His Holy Spirit to empower our very being with the seven gifts. Gifts meant to assist us, strengthen us, inspire us even when we know we have failed to imitate Him.

The community of our Church is a beautiful thing. Oh, we certainly have our warts; just listen to the media and they will tell you all the errors of our ways. Yet, in spite of all these problems we share something otherworldly; the One True God. We share His presence in our sacraments and within each of the baptized. Our job is to recognize God’s presence within our fellow man. We do this when we respectfully engage in conversation when we help them with whatever troubles them when we pray with and for them.

This week take a minute to think of the perfect Trinity of God and ask yourself; “how can I better imitate this perfect community?” Work on one action that will make you more like our perfect God. Deacon Ray

Deacon Ray


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