This familiar story of Jesus showing His glory to Peter, James, and John is truly a beautiful one. In this brief section of the Gospel Jesus gives
these three disciples a glimpse into Heaven, Jesus’ eternal dwelling place. Jesus shows these disciples that He is the fulfillment of the law
and the prophets. They are left with many questions in spite of what they have witnessed. We see the effects of what they viewed in their
lives, especially after the resurrection; they too had a transfiguration of sorts!

We all likely know of someone who has had a transfiguration in their lives. I recall a man who in his youth spoke foul language and made
disparaging remarks about women. Women seemed to avoid him because of his demeanor. At some point he must have figured out his way
of life was not attractive to others; some kind of awareness was given him, perhaps by God. He made an effort to change his ways and he became a man who gained the respect of others. He is now an older retired man, married for many years with children and grandchildren;
truly blessed! He had a transfiguration of his very self which has made him the man he is today.

All too often when we see someone act in a manner unfit for a follower of Jesus we make a judgment. These judgments are often based solely
on a single incident of poor behavior. We hear statements like; “now we see his true nature” in many of these cases. We are quick to judge
and this can taint the way we view others.

I believe the opposite can often be the truth when we witness an incident of bad judgment or poor behavior; that the person simply had a
slip up, a moment when they let their emotions or sin cloud their thinking or their speech. We should try to think that this is a good person
who made a mistake, this is not who they really are, this is not their true nature. No, this brief moment is one of the slight bumps in the
road of life, not what is at that person’s core.

We are all capable of transfiguration. Using the grace of the sacraments we can allow God to shape us into the person He desires. Perhaps this week may be a good time to reflect on the times in our lives where we have made those brief errors and think of how others may have viewed us. Then ask God to help you avoid these moments; pray that you can overcome your weakness and strive to be more like Jesus. Ask Him for help in transfiguring you to be more Christ like.

God bless,
Deacon Ray


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