Jesus used parables to instruct His followers in the Gospel. The parable of the weeds sowed in the landowner’s field makes sense once Jesus explains it to His disciples. Jesus doesn’t sugar coat what will happen to the weeds at the end of the age; they will be thrown into the fire. These words should scare all of us into obedience and submission to God, however, we have grown callous to God’s teachings and His law. We don’t scare easily these days, at least when it comes to the outcome of our eternal souls. Many of us live as if there will be no judgment at the end of our lives, unafraid of eternal damnation.


We encounter people with various beliefs and understanding of who Jesus is and what His teaching entails. Many believe Jesus is simply the loving Son of God who did good deeds to His followers and taught that everyone will be saved. Jesus certainly did many good deeds and wants everyone to be saved, but ultimately that’s up to us. Remember that God does not send us to Hell, we choose Hell when we separate ourselves from God by our serious sins. Because we have to abide with Jesus, living an upright moral life, in union with His Church in order to be saved. We see another side of Jesus in the reading today, where He is very clear on what will happen to those who are living sinful lives. And that scares me! I hope it scares you too. I hope you have a conversion, if needed, and live in union with Jesus and His Church, because I want everyone to be saved as well.


It’s really not that difficult to understand; Jesus loves each one of us and wants us to be near to Him at all times. If you are living in sin we have been blessed with the Sacrament of Confession which will cleanse you and wipe away your sin, provided you are truly sorry and promise to avoid that sin again. Confession brings you back to the Lord. So reflect on your life, when have you been a weed? Have you confessed that sin? It’s never too late to do so, and there are no sins Jesus won’t forgive. Fr. Joseph has confessions Tuesday through Friday at 7:30 am and on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. until 3:45 p.m. You can also call the rectory to make an appointment. He, like all priests, loves to hear confession.


Deacon Ray

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