This weekend is our festive weekend, our Parish Picnic weekend. It is a time to enjoy; a time to relax; a time to have fun; a time to play; a time to dance and above all a time to eat. Let us all gather and enjoy together. Come with your family and have fun; meet your friends and enjoy having a beer; bring your better-half and relax your tension by dancing to the tune of the music.

The Picnic Committee has been preparing meticulously for the last six months. The chairpersons together with the picnic coordinator have been working hard to entertain all the visitors. Generous bakers of our Parish have brought varieties of pies and cakes. Considerable Parishioners and business enterprises have donated things, gift-cards and baskets of valuable things for silent auction and cherry-tree.

What a joy it is that we all put our hands in one way or the other to make the Parish Picnic a great event not only for us to enjoy together but also to provide occasion for all those who will come from far and near.

Therefore, don’t delay. Come and enjoy the spaghetti dinner, chicken dinner, food items in food-stand; participate in the carnival games, win a Bingo or a prize in raffle and take home the things you will win.

Looking forward to seeing you in and around the Picnic Tent

Fr. Arul Joseph V


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