We all are experiencing difficult times due to COVID-19. Still, we are happy that we could come together, at least, with a limited number, to worship and participate in the Holy Mass. I pray for the safety of all.


This unprecedented time has had a significant impact on our Parish in many ways and without doubt on the contributions to the Parish. Hence, we are participating in a Diocesan Sponsored initiative called Reunite-Rebuild-Rejoice.


As we continue to Reunite as a Parish community, I wish to take this opportunity to thank those families who have maintained continuously their support. I am very grateful for your generosity. At the same time, I request you to consider an increase to your weekly giving to assist your Parish, if it is within your means.


In our effort to Rebuild our Parish financially and ministerially, we are committed to continue serving our community of faith during this difficult time. As part of our effort to rebuild, I encourage and kindly appeal others to “catch-up” on your contributions.


This week each family will receive a letter and brochure outlining the program with a commitment card for your kind consideration. I ask that you prayerfully reflect upon how you would be able to support our Parish. A return envelope will also be provided for your convenience. I am very grateful for your faith-filled support and generosity.


Let us together continue to Reunite physically as a community and Rebuild our Parish; may we also Rejoice in the Lord’s goodness now and always.


God bless you,

Fr. Arul Joseph V.



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