We have experienced since March this year and still we are experiencing, what a havoc a Pandemic COVID-19 could cause to the individuals, families, countries, business world, and to the Church at large. People have been constrained to remain homebound; many have lost their jobs and consequently incurred loss of income and above all, people still miss socializing with friends and families. Besides these social losses, people of faith miss a lot going to the Church for daily Mass and Sunday Masses and for other Sacramental needs. To say the least, all these factors have impacted the contribution of the people to the Church; consequently, the Parishes have faced a huge financial drop.


Nevertheless, the cost for the maintenance and up-keep of the Church, rectory and school buildings has not been less. Since this is a problem of all the Parishes in the entire La Crosse Diocese, the Diocese is trying to help out by launching an Offertory Recovery Project in all the Parishes with the help of Lynch Development Associates. The Project is named as:


Reunite – Rebuild – Rejoice”.


When I took this to the attention of our Parish Financial Council, the members have agreed unanimously to launch this project.


Hence, Lynch Development Associates will be sending you bulletin inserts and periodical letters with my signature starting from July 11th & 12th weekend. Please read the content of these bulletin inserts and letters and prayerfully consider how you could contribute to help making up the loss in our Parish. There is no pressure. Hence, please do not feel forced, if you yourself are not able to contribute in any way. If you feel honestly unable to contribute now, you may kindly express it and we will understand.


Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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