We are living in an uncertain and challenging time; we are living in a time of Quarantine, shut in our houses. We are living in a time when our lockdown is very strict; no public Masses, the Churches are closed, and visiting people outside our home is not advisable unless it is for reasons of absolute necessity. Many of you are experiencing the pain of not receiving the Sacraments. Many or even most of us would not have faced such a painful period of time in our entire life, as this Pandemic has brought in.

In the midst of our distress, sadness, boredom, and uncertainty, we could also feel a sense of peace. We could use this time better to reflect on God’s love, which is manifested through so many health-care personnel, who give their whole self to safeguard and protect those who have been affected by the Corona Virus, even those, who are otherwise sick and hospitalized.

We are patiently waiting for the time when the current situation will change and the pandemic will disappear. Instead of exhausting ourselves dwelling on the distress and bitterness, we can use this time of waiting to discover internal peace. Let us know that if only we wait with God, He will also wait with us. One might ask, how it is possible in the midst of suffering or in the midst of an uncomfortable situation. Faith in Jesus Christ teaches us that when we suffer, Jesus also suffers with us. We have many instances in the Gospel how Jesus was deeply moved with compassion when he met people suffering. Let us strongly believe that Jesus Christ is with us all along our life’s passage sharing our pain and giving us solace and comfort.

Just as we wait every Winter for Spring to come, let us wait patiently but hopefully that Jesus Christ will wipe our tears soon out of His immense love, mercy, and compassion.

Let us bless The Lord and give thanks to every situation of our life.
God bless you
Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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