The Gospel passage presents Jesus’ resolute departure to Jerusalem for his suffering and death on the cross. His decision to go to Jerusalem is a deliberate decision, in order to fulfill the will of his heavenly Father. The evangelist describes it as a great journey that Jesus takes to his destiny, as determined by His Father’s for the salvation of the humankind. Thus Jesus demonstrates his obedient acceptance of the will of the Heavenly Father. Besides presenting Jesus as the faithful Son, who shows the way to everlasting life, the evangelist also presents that the challenge of the Christian discipleship is to follow Jesus resolutely on the road to Jerusalem, namely, suffering and eventual glorification. Christian discipleship demands uncompromising commitment to follow Jesus.

A special word of thanks:

A team of dedicated parishioners worked at the Parish Picnic, some others served as chairpersons and Larry Proulx served as the coordinator. They have given their time and talent for many days before and after our picnic. Thank you, dedicated men and women, for having worked hard to hold our picnic in a grand scale. You deserve our thanks and appreciation.

May God reward you for having given your time and talent.

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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