Day after day in our busy schedule, we don’t find time to pray. For those, who ask a question within, “How can I find time to pray?”, here is a witness of a young woman, Ruth Baker, who suggests 8 ways, to find time to pray. Ruth Baker, 26, loves running, wild camping and writing. She is currently studying Creative Writing at University:

Firstly, investigate if you have the balance in your life right. If it’s a that your prayer life suffers, then start by looking at whether you have the balance right. Your personal relationship with God should come first in order that you can best share His love and mercy to others.

  1. Begin simply.!!! Commit to something each morning: Reading one psalm slowly and carefully or meditating on the day’s Gospel, just start your day with a prayer. Don’t worry if you can’t spend loads of time start small and if you do it with sincerity, your prayer time will deepen.
  2. Utilize your smartphone. Your smartphone is great, though for praying when you are busy or traveling. Using apps like “Laudate” or “Prayer” you can have all the prayers at your fingertips, including the Liturgy of the Hours. In fact, any time you use a prayer app, put your phone on airplane mode so you are not interrupted with phone calls or emails coming through.
  3. Pray a decade “on the go”. The Rosary is perfect for times when we are busy! Whether you’re driving in the car, on public transport, eating your lunch, a quick decade does not take long.
  4. Give your day and work as a gift. Everything you do is an opportunity to give to God in prayer. You can just say in your heart: “Lord, I give you this moment, this task, this job, it’s all for you.”
  5. Set a time each day very briefly, pause and put yourself in God’s presence. Create an alarm on your phone or watch so you don’t forget. Whether it’s at your desk, on the way to your next appointment, parked in your car, or a moment before a session begins, shut your eyes and simply be with Him.
  6. End your day with the “Examine”. During this time, ask God to show you where He was in each moment of your day.
  7. Schedule “longer” time for personal prayer once a week. Whether it’s an hour in Adoration or some quiet time in your room, this is your chance to give all of your weeks to God and really spend some quality time with Him.

God bless you,

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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