The Ascension of Jesus Christ & Mother’s Day

This week we are celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother’s day. I would like to share briefly about both the events.

Through his Ascension, Jesus departed from earth where his presence was a matter of fact to heaven, on account of which his presence with us on earth has become a matter of faith. By his earthly presence, he was present only in a particular place at any certain time; but after Ascension he has made his presence for all times and for all places; Through this spiritual presence, he shows us his warmth of love and his care ever closer to each of us than we are to each other.

It is true that the departure of the risen Jesus has paved the way for the symbolic extension of his glorified body throughout the world in the Sacraments. In other words, Sacraments are made possible, only because of his universal spiritual presence after his Ascension. Christ is present to us through signs and symbols used in various Sacraments. Each sacrament is a sign of his presence; this is especially true of the Eucharist, which brings to us his real and glorified presence.

In the resurrection stories we find that Jesus was hidden at certain time (like a stranger on the road to Emmaus) and at other time he appeared as the Lord before the Apostles. So also by transcending himself from his earthly life, he is absent from humanity in his physical body and because of this withdrawal, he makes himself possible his more powerful and intimate presence among all the nations. His Spirit, present now in our midst will animate the Church and each one of us towards our goal.

Happy Mother’s Day

Every culture and Nation honors mothers in a particular way. It is because we know instinctively the gift of a mother. It is she who carried us in her womb, the first home, before we were offered to our family or to the world.

There is no one like a mother, no substitute for her place, no equal to her love. On this Mother’s day, let us remember to pray for her:

Loving God,

We thank you for the love of the mothers you have given us, whose love is so precious that it can never be measured, whose patience seems to have no end. May we see your loving hand behind them and guiding them. We pray for those mothers who fear they will run out of love or time, or patience. We ask you to bless them with your own special love.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


May God be praised,

Fr. Arul Joseph V.


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